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Must-have Amenities for Kauai Luxury Homes

Kauai is home to a plethora of luxurious abodes, some of which rank as the most coveted and expensive in the Hawaiian archipelago. When touring homes, keep an eye out for the following amenities that make these properties all the more desirable and definitely worth the investment.

Sun lounges and cocktails by the pool in a tourist resort

  1. Materials and finishing

    You can tell a luxury home is one borne out of skill and craftsmanship when top-of-the-line materials are used to construct the property. Ornate tile work, beautiful wood, custom cabinetry, solid stone surfaces, and masonry are tell-tale signs that intensive work and attention to detail were put in to build the home. Plastic laminate counters and vinyl flooring, after all, have no place in a truly luxurious home.

  2. Furnishings

    In the pursuit for luxurious living, investing in high-quality furniture is a must. These furnishings can range from one-of-a-kind vintage finds to made-to-order items by some of the most prolific furniture designers of the century. Custom and/or vintage furniture in particular give every luxury home character and personality, especially if you’re a frequent traveler who loves to collect knick-knacks from different parts of the world.

    Keep in mind, however, that imported furniture doesn’t automatically mean higher-quality items, especially in Hawaii, where there are many skilled artisans and craftsmen dedicated to their work.

  3. Smart home features

    Premium materials and high-quality designer furniture aren’t the only factors that can make a luxury home, especially at this day and age. Now, smart home features are a definite must-have. These can range from high-end security features to sophisticated home assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa and Echo.

    Smart home features have proven to make life exceptionally convenient. If you want to play music or turn down lights, just call the attention of your virtual home assistant. Security features also allow you to keep tabs of your property even while you’re away by sending you regular updates.

  4. Swimming pool

    Water is an important part of life in Hawaii. If you can’t get to the ocean, your pool will be the next best thing. That’s why it’s common for luxury homes in the state to feature swimming pools, from heated Olympic-sized ones to infinity pools that seem to cascade to the Pacific Ocean.

    Aside from depth and temperature control, you can also add a number of features to your pool, right from the tile color to artificial falls. If you have children in the household, a kid-friendly pool would be a great way to introduce them to swimming.

    Swimming pools are also great centerpieces when it comes to parties and other special events, making it truly worth the investment.

  5. High-end bathrooms and chef’s kitchen

    The kitchen and bathrooms are integral parts of any home, be it a starter house or a luxury property. Plus, these rooms can also significantly increase the total value and resale potential of the home. His-and-her sinks, rain showerheads, and Jacuzzi bathtubs are luxury home staples. As for the kitchen, solid surface countertops (marble, granite, etc), custom cabinetry, and high-end appliances will definitely seal the deal.

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