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How to Buy a Luxury Oceanfront Home in Hawaii

When you’re buying oceanfront property in Hawaii, you know you’re looking into some of the most coveted homes in the world. I’ve got a couple of tips that will help you find your dream luxury oceanfront home, whether you plan to live in Honolulu or Kauai. Let’s get started.

An Oahu beach house

  1. Determine where you want to live.

    Hawaii is made up of several islands– it can be time-consuming and tiresome to explore the luxury oceanfront markets throughout the whole archipelago. Location plays an important role, so sit down and determine where you want to live in Hawaii. Consider your lifestyle, your wants and needs, and other factors to be able to zoom in on the place that perfectly meets your criteria.

  2. Find a real estate specialist.

    Luxury properties are in a different league than other housing types in the market. That’s why you need the guidance and expertise of a local real estate specialist. Get in touch with a real estate agent who specializes in your chosen location/s and luxury oceanfront homes to truly get the kind of assistance you need for a successful home buying experience.

  3. Get pre-approved.

    A pre-approval letter from your chosen bank or lender can be your golden ticket. It conveys positive things about you as a buyer, especially to the seller. Not only are you serious about purchasing a home, you’ve also proven that you’re also financially capable to push through with the sale.

    Obtaining a pre-approval letter can take some time, especially if you still need to take care of a couple other requirements. This is why it’s best to see to this part early in the home buying process. That way, all you need to do is finalize the loan after a seller accepts your offer.

  4. Examine the whole property.

    Once you’ve found the ideal location and, in the process, a couple of luxury oceanfront properties you’re interested in, don’t forget to keep things in perspective. For starters, while looking at a property, don’t just focus on the home or the views– assess everything. For example, the location: is it beachfront or perched on a cliff? Is the beach rocky or fine? Are the waters suitable for water activities or perilous? Is it safe?

    Some properties in Hawaii, especially estates, are composed of several compounds. Is this to your liking, or would you like one single structure? What are the utilities and services available in the area? These are just a couple of questions to ask when you’re viewing luxury oceanfront homes.

  5. Don’t skip the home inspection.

    A home inspection can reveal a lot about the property, from aesthetic features to the overall structural integrity of the home. Additionally, you can also determine the types of insurance you can get and the maintenance you need to do for the property. This will allow you to gauge the extent of the homeownership costs.

    If you don’t know any professional inspectors in the area, your broker can get you in touch with one.

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