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Decorating tips for your Wailea vacation rental

Wailau vacation rental

It’s fun to think of creative ways to decorate your vacation rental, but at the same time you don’t want to go overboard or end up with a theme that clashes with Wailea’s laidback luxe appeal. Here are some decorating tips to help you out:

Choose a look

You don’t want to settle for a statement-less space – but you don’t have to go all out radical to be distinctive. When decorating, it’s better to create a certain aesthetic that ties the property’s various spaces together. And in a place like Wailea, where the beach and sunshine are the biggest draws, homes are usually styled to make the most of the gorgeous natural setting. Choose a theme that fits the tropical atmosphere – find colors and natural elements that suit your taste as well as complement the beautiful outdoors.

Make it timeless

So you’ve decided on the look you want your space to have. Have you considered whether or not it will age well? When decorating and furnishing your vacation rental, ask yourself if the style you want will still be commeilfaut
in a couple of years.

You don’t want to have to redecorate later on because you followed a short-lived trend. While it’s certainly not a bad thing to follow trends, you will want to make smart choices – such as furniture with clean, classic lines. Remember that good taste never goes out of style.

Think long-term

All properties will suffer from inevitable wear and tear, especially if they’re close to the beach and are in a popular area. It’s not enough that your vacation rental looks great; it has to stay that way too. It’s important to get good quality furniture that will stand up to multiple guests for a long time.

Getting quality pieces may be expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run. Consider investing in the beautifully crafted furniture from local artisans and craftsmen on Maui. This will not only help support the local economy, it will also give your vacation rental an authentic Hawaiian feel.

Make it appealing to many

It’s important to make a vacation rental appeal to as many people as possible. One way to ensure that it does have universal appeal is to make sure that it’s not just well-decorated, but is comfortable as well. It’s also a good idea to opt for more understated art pieces and décor instead of loud and potentially polarizing statement pieces. Find the fine line between impersonal empty hotel room and cozy tropical abode.

Add finishing touches

Many owners don’t add those finishing details to their vacation rentals that really make the place feel complete. Take the time to put some nice throw pillows on the couch, add a carpet in the bedroom to match the drapes, or put some ornaments or books on the shelves to make the place feel more like a home away from home.

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