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Creative ways to explore Hawaii

Want to see the more hidden sides of Hawaii? The islands have a lot more to offer beyond perfect beaches and luxurious resorts. Here’s how you can find out what else Hawaii has in store for you:

View on Napali Coast

Explore by air

Head to the sky and get a bird’s-eye view of Hawaii on a helicopter tour. Helicopter tours can take you directly over the rainbow as well as above valleys, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Seeing the islands from thousands of feet up in the air is a transformative experience.

You will find plenty of helicopter tour operators in Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island, as well as air tours, sailplane tours, and skydiving companies.

Explore by going back in time

The Aloha State is rich in history and culture, all of it just waiting to be discovered. Go on a heritage tour and learn more about Hawaii by going back in time and experiencing its amazing traditions. In these tours, travelers will hear captivating stories about Hawaiian history and mythology all while being immersed in the enchanting landscape of the islands. Learn more about the traditional hula and luau, experience first-hand their sacred places or Wahi Pana, and listen to the tales of ancient gods and how the islands were first created.

Explore by going underwater

Above the water, Hawaii is already a smorgasbord for the senses with its white sand beaches, green-clad mountain ranges, ancient volcanoes, and lush valleys. But there’s so much more to see when you go under the water.

The islands have long been a popular destination for snorkelers and divers because of their colorful reefs, varied aquatic life, and crystal-clear waters. There are so many great things to see when you go beneath the surface such as the hidden gem that is The Cathedrals.

Spreading out under the blue waters of Lanai, The Cathedrals is an exhilarating diving spot where you will see majestic underwater formations made by lava tubes. When the light from the surface illuminates these formations, they are given life, emitting a glow that will take your breath away.

Explore by island hopping

To truly experience Hawaii, you will want to pay a visit to all of its six inhabited islands and see firsthand what makes them unique. Each island has its own personality and something different to offer in terms of sights, weather, cuisine, and culture. There are several cruise lines that offer multiple Hawaiian island stops over the course of several days. There are also inter-island flights and ferries that can take you to the island of your choice.

Don’t settle for the usual tourist getaways when you’re in Hawaii. Go forth, find new ways to explore the islands, and create your own adventures.

Hawaii is a true paradise and we feel privileged to live and work here. If you’d like more information about the lifestyle on the islands or you’re looking for Hawaii luxury homes for sale, just give our team a call at 808-214-0302. You can also email us at greg(at)isleluxury(dotted)com.