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What you need to know when renting a luxury beachfront condo in Hawaii

Luxury beachfront condos in Hawaii come in many kinds and sizes. Here are some of the factors you should consider before you rent to ensure a pleasant and memorable stay.

Kaanapali Beach

  1. Location

    You’ve already got one thing about the location squared down– you want a beachfront condo. But would you like to be close to a wide range of shops, dining, and entertainment, or do you prefer to stay in a quieter, more private area (but remain still conveniently located)?

    There are plenty of condo developments that fit both categories, and even condos that are located in much exclusive and secluded areas. You’ll have many choices, so determining your ideal location will effectively narrow down your search for the perfect luxury beachfront condo.

  2. Condo features and amenities

    Another thing you should consider are the kinds of features, services, and amenities available in a condo development. For example, what are the common areas? Does the condo have a gym, and is it modern and fully-equipped? How about a pool? Is there a separate pool for children? Is there a spa located on-site, as well as dining options?

    If you’re planning on staying for a couple of weeks or even months, checking in with the condo’s services can greatly improve your stay. Luxury beachfront condos often offer 24/7 security, top-notch maintenance, concierge, and even butler services upon request. Learn about all these things to help you decide which luxury beachfront condo is the best for your plans.

  3. Unit specifications

    Now let’s get to the actual condo unit. Depending on your needs, you might want to get a bigger luxury condo unit or a smaller but equally luxurious one. If you’re staying with your family or a large group (or you’re planning on entertaining people), staying in a larger unit would be the best decision.

    Aside from the square footage, take into consideration the features within the unit. Is there a balcony where you can enjoy the ocean breeze? Are the windows large to give you uninterrupted views? Is the kitchen and bathroom to your liking? How about the appliances? Bear in mind your needs and preferences so you can choose to best luxury beachfront condo unit for your stay.

  4. Fees

    Although you’re only renting the unit, you’re still obliged to pay several fees. This may or may not include the HOA fees, maintenance, utilities, and insurance, depending on the duration of your stay. If it’s possible, ask for a quote or a breakdown of fees to get a better idea of your expenses when you choose to live in a specific condo development.

Are you looking for a luxury beachfront condo rental?

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