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“OOPS!” traffic sign in front of a toy house and coins

Mistakes to avoid when buying an estate in Hawaii

Mistakes are a part of life, and that rings true when it comes to buying an estate in Hawaii. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to avoid gaffes and enjoy a smooth-sailing home buying experience. Here are some of the most common m...

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An Oahu beach house

How to Buy a Luxury Oceanfront Home in Hawaii

When you're buying oceanfront property in Hawaii, you know you're looking into some of the most coveted homes in the world. I've got a couple of tips that will help you find your dream luxury oceanfront home, whether you plan to live in Honolul...

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Sun lounges and cocktails by the pool in a tourist resort

Must-have Amenities for Kauai Luxury Homes

Kauai is home to a plethora of luxurious abodes, some of which rank as the most coveted and expensive in the Hawaiian archipelago. When touring homes, keep an eye out for the following amenities that make these properties all the more desirable...

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Kaanapali, Hawaii, USA - December 31, 2015: Women cycling along the beach, Maui

Top places to live in Hawaii

With so much to offer, it can be quite confusing to pick a place to live in the Aloha State. Lucky for you, this list details the best places to live in the Hawaiian islands based on several criteria, such as amenities, livability, and safety. ...

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How to find a great vacation rental in Hawaii

As one of the most desired holiday destinations in the world, various accommodations await travelers in Hawaii. In this post, I'll give you tips on how to find the vacation rental that best fits your needs in Hawaii. Let's get started. K...

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Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing a Condo in Hawaii

Condominiums are one of the many real estate options you have when you choose to buy a home in Hawaii. Condos are usually conveniently located in and around downtown areas, allowing easy access to great restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and ser...

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What You Need to Know Before Moving to Hawaii

Hawaii is paradise on earth for those who enjoy surfing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. Here's what you need to know before moving to the Aloha State. It's home to about a third of all endangered species in the United States...

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Tropical Island Home With Infinity Pool in Hawaii

Discover Beautiful Oceanfront Homes in Hawaii

It's a dream for many to have their very own waterfront property in Hawaii. And with a total coastline length of approximately 750 miles, one can only imagine the number of options when it comes to oceanfront homes in this tropical state. These...

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